Big improvements are on the way!

Calling all Challengers

Thank you everyone for the past 4 months of Challenger!  We've built a great community of over 2,000 users.  You've played over 6,000 contests and over 100,000 credits have been exchanged!  Thanks to your support and feedback, Challenger is excited to announce the next phase of our development, which will introduce a lot of great functionality.   To make all this happen we need to temporarily take our services offline to focus on re-development of our data processing systems, client application and user interfaces. With this we'll be able to support more titles, devices and provide you the ability to play with your friends on any server. Following the update, our next steps will be to launch support for more games (PUBG, Apex Legends, League of Legends and many more) as well as add console support, enabling play on Xbox and PlayStation.

What's Coming?

  • Updated Desktop Application
    • The next full version of the Challenger Windows application is going to enable complete access to your Challenger account and launching games direct from within the app! Just start it up and play, no more need to go to the website first. Some other improvements you can expect will be in game challenge adjustments and an overhaul of the notification window and hot key management.
  • Updated Vault
    • will be just that, your personal vault for Challenger credits. We are redeveloping the portal to bring you more functionality and better reporting. Hook up your bank account and make simple and automated deposits and withdrawals.
  • Public Server Support
    • That's right! With this update you will be able to play on any server at anytime. No more playing on our private servers... you can play anywhere, at anytime, on any server. Play with your friends, play with their friends, play with random peeps, play with yourself? (get your mind out of the gutter). The Challenger application will be all you need and you're enabled to play anywhere just like you normally would.
  • Fortnite Support on PC
    • Do you play? We know you do, now throw some credits down and try for the Victory Royale.
  • Last Man Standing Challenge Type
    • New game support means a new Challenge Types. In "Last Man Standing" rank means everything. Whomever has the higher rank at the end of the match wins.

We are sure you have questions so here is a little FAQ:

When is this happening?

Sunday March 3, 2019

What about my balance?

Don't worry, your balance will be preserved and carried over to the new system when we launch.

Can I still exchange credits for money?

Yes. If you want to exchange your credits to real money, you still can just login and submit the request like always. We will not be disabling this or restricting you from accessing your funds just like you do today.

When will Challenger be back online?

We are working hard to have all services including the new games online by June 2019.

Where can I login?

Login Here.

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